with Elijah Ray and Marya Stark


Greetings Sound Jedi’s.

We trust by now you are experiencing the shifts in your relationship to your sound, your sphere, and are discovering new layers of potency with this incredible tool of your voice.


We have barely just begun to scratch the surface of how much personal transformation and empowerment is available within our vocal practice. 


We have heard the call to go deeper as a community, and invite you to join us for a second chapter. Together, let us continue to explore the powerful spherical technologies within Vocal Core Resonance. 


This next series will expand on and add tools for your daily explorations. We will continue to refine methods for how to fortify your vocal sphere for the stage, work, community, art, leadership and relationships. We will look at deepening in presence through sound, and opening further to the creative power that our voice gives us access to. 



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